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Saam always have a couple of characters screaming at her to get their stories out. Here are a few that will be out this year are currently available! All of her books can be found on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.


When fated mates collide…

As king of the werewolves, Damen Lykourgos and his pack have been tasked with protecting the human world against evil. For hundreds of years, he has lost loved ones in battle and the responsibility of keeping everyone safe weighs heavily. Leading a pack alone without his fated mate is a heavy burden, one Damen wonders if he can continue to bear alone.

Selene is done being the pushover her family has groomed her to be. Jaded from years of shoving her own ambitions aside, she’s determined to accept an invitation to work for Lykourgos Investments. Working for the smoldering, enigmatic CEO, Damen, introduces her to a dangerous and seductive world she didn’t know existed. 

When sparks fly between them, Selene must decide if the passion she has finally found is worth the responsibility of being Damen’s queen. Surrounded by threats, can they keep the pack and the world safe? Or will they fail and lose everything?

Midnight Inferno is the 1st book in the Bloodthirsty Series by Saam King. This sizzling story of an alpha werewolf finding his mate is a paranormal romance.

It feels like she only just woke up...

Danielle Alarick is a headstrong botanist with a hint of badassery. She visits her sister at her new place of work only to find that she is pulled into a world of intrigue that makes her feel like she's waking up for the first time.

Ares Lykourgos has been waiting for Danielle for centuries. Beta of his pack, this werewolf isn't going to give her up easily, even if she insists she wants to be left alone.

Can Ares find a way to keep her or will she decide that she doesn't need him or anyone else telling her what to do?

Moonlight Awakening is the 2nd book in the Bloodthirsty Series by Saam King. This tantalizing tale of a werewolf chasing after a mate who wants nothing more than to be caught and held will have you panting for more. 


Separated by choice…

Hippolyta Lykourgos is the strongest warrior in her wolf pack. She gives her all to her family and everyone around her, but she’s haunted by the memory of the boy she left behind. He was the only weakness she’s ever had. The one thing that she’s missing in her life, but she’s sworn to move past him and forget every moment they’ve spent together.

Cole has lived a life full of regrets. He’d hurt the girl who meant more to him than anything else. He had pushed her away, thinking it would be best for her, but in the end it had done nothing but ruined his life.

When they’re forced to meet so they can face the threat that’s been trying to destroy their family, can they work together to overcome it? Or will old hurts surface and tear them apart again?

Crescent Warrior is the 3rd book in the Bloodthirsty Series by Saam King. This scintillating story of two Werewolves who are fighting fate is a paranormal romance.

Abandoned by everyone…

Michael’s been alone ever since he was left in an orphanage as a child. He grew up knowing that the only person who would have his back was himself. Until he met her. His fated mate. She was the light that shone in his dark life, leading him out of his loneliness. When the unthinkable happens, he’s forced to leave her in order to protect her.

Arya fell in love with Michael when they were still children, knowing he was the only one for her. One huge revelation drove them apart, but she’s been looking for him ever since. She wants him back and even if he’s too stubborn to admit it, so does he.

Thrown together against a common enemy, the only way he can fight them is with her at his side. His newly-found family will support him as well, but will it be enough? Or will he lose everything that he holds dear?

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